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How to Properly Store and Care for Window A/C Units

by Hira Umair
Window A/C Units

The leaves are changing color and the air is getting cooler as we approach the autumn and winter seasons. It’s time to take the air conditioner out of the window and put it away for the season. It’s best for the air conditioner and your utility bills if you put it away for the winter. Leaving your device in the window can lead to drafts and higher energy bills. Here are a few easy steps to take before putting away your air conditioner for the winter.

1. Check For Broken Parts In The Air Conditioner:

Check for cracks or other damage once you have taken the air conditioner out of the window. Do any dents or dings exist? Is the fan malfunctioning? In case of damage, have it checked out and fixed by a professional air conditioning service like https://www.airconservicing.org/. Air conditioning systems should be inspected for any maintenance concerns that could impair performance throughout the upcoming season, so now is a good time to schedule that inspection.

2. Get The Air Conditioner Cleaned Up:

You should clean your unit well after removing it and before storing it. The filter should be taken out and washed in warm, soapy water. Before reinstalling the filter, check to see that it is totally dry.

The interior of the AC unit should also be cleaned regularly. However, you may not have the appropriate tools to fully clean the interior of your air conditioner due to the large number and variety of moving parts inside the machine. A professional from https://www.marvellous.sg/ will inspect and clean your system from top to bottom.

3. Put Away The Window AC Unit:

Keep the unit upright while not in use to protect the compressor. You shouldn’t put anything heavy on top of the AC unit, and you shouldn’t lean anything against the back of the unit, either, because that could damage the coils.

· First, decide where to put it – Chilly sheds and garages aren’t ideal because they can be invaded by pest animals; instead, warm spaces like basements, attics, and utility rooms are preferable.

· Second, get the area ready – Clear a space for the window air conditioner, whether you plan to keep it on a table or the floor, and cover the area with a clean towel in case the unit drips any water during the winter.

· Thirdly, set up right – When not in use, the window air conditioner should be stored on a flat, even surface with the unit upright, just as it was in the window.

· Keep the window insulation and hardware (screws, anchors, etc.) in the unit – Insulation, screws, and any other necessary mounting hardware should be gathered and stored in bags near the unit.

· Dust Protection – Protect it from dust by enclosing it in a plastic bag or returning it to its original packaging.

Wrap It Up If You Don’t Have Room To Store It:

If you don’t have room to remove and store your air conditioner for the winter, you should at least protect it with a weatherproof air conditioner cover. The machine will last longer if it is covered to protect it from dust and drafts. You can find stores selling covers both locally and online.

A/C units are pricey investments that should last for as long as possible with little maintenance and repair needs. Your air conditioner has to be serviced on a regular basis to prevent the wear and tear that comes with years of use and to catch any maintenance concerns early.

In addition to addressing issues as they emerge, preventative maintenance on your air conditioner can save you money in the long run by avoiding the need for costly repairs in the future. When summer rolls around again, you’ll want to know that your air conditioner is in tip-top shape to keep you cool and comfortable.

When Left Inactive for Three to Four Months, Most Air Conditioners Are Still Functional:

Modern air conditioners are designed to last for many years. Many are designed to operate continuously for several months or even years.  Turning off your air conditioner for a few months isn’t likely to cause any damage as long as it is well maintained and in good operating order.

Because nearly no one requires air conditioning all year round, this sort of maintenance break is normal for most units. Many locations have a longer winter which means that air conditioning is unnecessary for three months of the year.

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