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How to Uncover Competitors and Discover Their Marketing Techniques

by Steven Brown

It may now do qualitative strategic planning as a result of competitive analysis. When evaluating your competitors, knowing what you’re looking for and how it could help your organisation is essential.

Finding your company’s competitive advantages involves learning about your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses rather than borrowing their ideas. If you have a distinct brand identity, your business will succeed and win over customers.

It shows that you are strategic and confident in your company’s plan when considering what your competitors are doing. There are several legal ways to monitor your rivals.

Effective competitor analysis tips

Analyse rivals

Before you try to unseat your competitors, find out who they are and what services they provide to your target market. Small businesses may discover much about their rivals with a straightforward competitor analysis without hiring a digital marketing experts. Therefore you can identify and take advantage of the qualities that will draw in new customers to your organisation to get a competitive edge.

As the lockdown eases, hotel, beauty, leisure, and entertainment businesses will aggressively pursue your potential customers. Business owners frequently focus on brands that compete in the same market niche and offer comparable goods or services. However, it’s equally crucial to look at businesses competing for the same demographic’s disposable income while providing fundamentally different products.

Visit conferences

Attending trade events and professional conferences is a terrific method to discover who and what your rivals are offering. You should attend these events and stop by your competitors’ booths to see how they engage with attendees, what kind of products they are providing, and how they provide material and information to attendees.

Industry report analysis

Public corporations must prepare reports as required by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the equivalent authority in your country. Examine the records of the Patent and Trademark Office, the Environmental Protection Agency, and your local planning commissions since they might all contain significant information. These industry files may teach you a lot about your competitors’ latest products and construction projects.

Analyse competitor’s website and SEO

You could find hidden sites by conducting a Google search for “file type: doc site; business name.” Changing the file type reveals a wealth of information. Your rival’s website should also be investigated, but employing a Columbus local SEO company and AdWords campaigns may allow you to go further.

Compare content marketing strategies

With the right execution, content marketing may help you distinguish your company. By considering a few indicators that may be difficult to quantify accurately, you may learn how well your content and that of your rivals are working.

Content type: 

Copy for, say, e-books, blogs, forums, websites, and other digital assets. Do you know what your clients are clamouring for?

Publication frequency: 

Take note of how frequently your competitors share information, offer free tools, etc. This tactic is comparable to social media. Sign up for their email if you’d want to know when they’ll be performing. A sensible choice is often to publish strategically.


It’s worthwhile to double-check the content to see if it was poorly written or well-researched and thought out.


You’ll know you need to improve your game if competitors create trendy industry-related content.


You might be able to get free access to their subscriber list. When doing competitive marketing research, knowing which rivals have the most well-liked and pertinent content is essential.

Compare email marketing strategies

On your rival’s website, sign up for their newsletter or email list to receive communications from them. In light of these ideas, it is feasible to investigate their relationship:

  • Email frequency.
  • Content.
  • Mobile-friendly.
  • Sender score indicates if their emails go to spam.

Survey competitor’s consumers, suppliers, and staff

The greatest method to discover everything there is to know about the individuals in your industry is to conduct a survey. You may email your rivals’ customers, suppliers, employers, or partners with questions about their goods or services. You’ll then be able to see how you may differentiate yourself from the competition.

Competitor hire

There is a chance that partners from competing companies will be linked up with, as well as employees from other companies. The activities and future goals of these firms can then be found.

Analyse your rivals’ hiring and candidate needs

You may learn a lot by seeing the positions that your competitors are looking for and the qualities they are seeking. You’ll learn much about the organisation’s objectives and ongoing projects if you read this.

Directly question your competitor

Even though it might seem hard, you can call your rivals and ask them the questions you need to have answered after doing your research. Many organisations are willing to share at least some of their procedures.


Although it’s a start, the fight is just half won. A big benefit is getting media attention and having a lot of web mentions of your business. Just as important as the initial step is understanding how, where, and which pieces of content are driving the conversation around a brand.

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