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Most Important Factors to Consider in Metal Stamping Process

by Steven Brown
Metal Stamping

A company’s ability to grow and stay ahead of the competition depends on more than just good planning and business knowledge. Like the metal stamping process in metal stamping companies, we need to ensure that everything works together to give high-quality services and products.

How do they make a stamped metal piece work in a product? There are different ways to make stamped parts, but it is essential to know the process by heart. It should be based on, among other things, the product, the materials used, and the amount of production.

What is Metal Stamping?

Metal stamping, also called metal pressing, is done by putting a flat piece into a stamping press. Then, this press uses pressure and a die to change the shape of the metal into what was planned.

Punching, embossing, coining, blanking, bending, and flanging are all types of stamping techniques.

To guarantee the proper outcome of the metal component, stamping experts employ the design tool provided by CAM/CAD engineering technology. For each part to look and work the way it should, these plans must be as accurate as possible.

Metal stamping is used in many different industries because it can make many of the same parts in a short time.

What Should You Pay Attention to in the Process of Metal Stamping?

• Both semi-automatic and manual punching machines in metal stamping companies must install a two-hand brake switch. It is against the law to press the pedal or turn on the switch with only one hand.

• The producer should stand right and keep their hands and heads far from the punch. They should also pay close attention to how the punch moves and never talk to anyone else.

•Slippers are not allowed at work because the moulds and iron blocks in the workshop could hurt your feet if you wear them. When they go to work, squad leaders, fitters, and people who fix moulds need to wear safety shoes.

• You can’t use the foot switch on the punch, and all of the machine’s original parts have been removed.

•Before using the equipment, the power must be turned off to be cleaned and checked.

•When something seems wrong with a machine, turn off the power and find the technician on duty so that the problem can be fixed quickly. Do not touch it unless you are told to.

• When setting up the mould, make sure the screws are locked. After 4 hours, stop the machine and check if the screws are loose.

• Be careful not to start a fire with other oils like white oil, cleaning products, etc.

• You can’t put anything flammable or dangerous under the switch.

• When the operator sets up the suction fan, he can’t clean the waste by putting his hand on the motor.

• Long hair is not allowed on male operators, and long hair on female operators should be wound into a coil to keep it from getting caught in the flywheel.

• During production, operators and people who fix moulds can’t put their hands in them.


When people do metal stamping in metal stamping companies, they should also pay attention to the points above, which will improve the rate of finished products.

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