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Relatively simple process Regal Glass Railing Installation

by Steven Brown

Regal glass railing installation is a relatively simple process. Before starting with installation, make sure you have the right materials. For example, you will need glass gaskets. They come in packages of two and are used to install the glass in the top and bottom rail. The gaskets are easy to install and can be easily cut to fit the different sizes of rails.

Dadoed glass railing

If you want the look of a classic wood staircase, dadoed glass railing might be the right option for your home. This style uses wooden frames to secure glass panels and provides the cleanest look. Regal glass railing installation professionals use durable materials and follow building codes to ensure your new railing is safe for your family and guests.

Compared to wood railing, glass railing requires less maintenance. However, regular cleaning and maintenance will be necessary to keep it looking beautiful. You can use a soft cloth, soap, water, or vinegar to clean your railing. However, it is recommended to avoid using abrasive scrubbers to clean glass railing panels. Also, avoid mounting the glass railing in locations where the glass may be directly exposed to water or moisture.

The cost of glass railing installation depends on the length of the railing and the complexity of the installation. It can range anywhere from $850 to $10,000 per linear foot. It also depends on the material used. Clear glass panels are cheaper than low-iron glass, which is composed of soda ash, lime, and silica. Low-iron glass panels are clearer, but cost 20% to 30% more than clear glass.

Glass railings can be made of tempered or laminated glass

Tempered glass is four to five times stronger than untempered glass. It is also safer than untempered glass and can withstand impacts better. Wrought iron and steel cable railing are also excellent choices, but these materials will cost you an extra $50 to $100 per linear foot. They also require less maintenance and cleaning than glass.


If you are planning to install a glass railing on your deck or balcony, you need to make some preparations. For example, you must know the proper slope for your deck. Also, if you have an uneven deck, you should make certain to provide additional support for the decking before installing the CrystalRail. You should also consult your local building codes before starting the installation process.

Glass railings are also a good choice because of their wind-breaking ability. They also provide a safe, unobstructed view. If you want to add lighting to the system, you should consider purchasing LED lights. These lights are compatible with the pickets and tempered glass systems from Regal. Moreover, you can choose from white “No-Iron” tempered glass panels, which are 98% iron-free. You can also opt for a Wind Wall system if you want to keep the breeze off of the railing.

Patterned flooring with beautiful tray ceiling

Laminated glass

Glass railings can be made of tempered glass, laminated glass, or hybrids of both. Tempered glass goes through a rapid heating process and is four to five times stronger than untempered glass. Laminated glass is made with two pieces of glass fused together, so that even if the glass should break, it stays together. This type of glass is more expensive than tempered glass, but also provides more safety.

Regal’s Tempered Glass panels offer a clear view and are safe for your family and guests. The panels are 6mm thick and conform to US code requirements. The panels are available in six-foot sections. They can also be installed in multiple-family dwellings. If you’re planning to have a glass railing installed, you’ll want to make sure that the installation is done properly.

Before, it’s best to get the correct measurements. It is important to take into consideration the load of the railing before installing it. Whether you’re installing it outdoors or indoors, the right measurements are key. And if you’re working on a new project, it’s a good idea to consult an expert.

Glass railings require less maintenance than wood railings

However, daily maintenance is still a must. You need to be careful with cleaning materials because they can damage the glass. Glass railings can be cleaned with a soft cloth, soap, and water. And unlike wood railings, glass does not need any abrasive scrubbers to keep them clean.

The cost of installing a glass railing varies depending on the length and complexity of the project. Generally, the glass railing installation costs between $150 and $850 per linear foot. This cost includes the banister, glass gate, and installation hardware. In addition, a glass railing can be customized with extra features, such as a glass gate.

Regal glass railing installation requires glass gaskets. There are two gaskets included in each package. The first gasket is installed into the top rail, while the second gasket is placed on the bottom. The gaskets are flexible and easy to install. Using the right gaskets is an essential part of installing a glass railing.

When you use laminated glass, make sure you specify the quality of the edge. A misaligned edge or protruding interlayer can have detrimental effects on safety and aesthetics. Be sure to specify this to your glass fabricator. You do not want a shaky glass railing.

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