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Role of IoT in Web Development

by Steven Brown
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The IoT industry has seen a significant increase in popularity over the past few years. We used to be able to understand a lot about the IoT field, but many IoT devices are readily available on the market. We will be discussing Web Development for IoT in greater detail today.

There are also advancements in web development. React, Angular and Node.js are all mature technologies that can be used as front and back ends. Many Open Source IoT Frameworks exist to make this possible.

Web development for IoT is in two different areas. How are they related?

The fact is that all sensors can now be connected to the internet via IoT. All of them require a web application as a backend and front end. Web development by a reputed web development company is now at the forefront of IoT devices.

The Key Features In Web Application Development for IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) refers to many devices connected to the internet. Each device has its unique address and can be used for data collection and transmission to the internet.

These sensors can send data without human intervention. This is something that a leading IoT app development company should be aware of.

Examples of IoT include Amazon Alexa, Google Mini, heart monitor implants, and sensors in autonomous cars.

These devices are all connected to the internet. In addition, each device has a unique IP address that allows them to interact with the outside world.

An IoT device typically consists of a sensor and processor. The communication chip collects data from nearby environments and sends it to the cloud servers.

All data is collected and analyzed at the cloud servers. The analysis results determine the best way to send the data back to the IoT device.

How Are IoT & Web Development Connected?

IoT is anything that has to do with the internet. The top web development company deals with creating front-end web applications.

How is Web Application Development for IoT linked together? This question is often asked. We answer that they share a deep interconnection.

Let’s take an example to illustrate this. Amazon Alexa, an IoT device, is connected to the internet via your home Wi-Fi. It has an IP address because it is connected to the internet.

When you ask Amazon Alexa for a song to play, it connects to a backend website application and plays the song.

The above example shows how IoT devices can be combined with web applications to create a seamless experience. These are the top IoT trends you need to know.

Let’s take another experience, but this time with front-end integration. Smartwatches have many sensors that tell us our heartbeat, distance traveled, and calories burned.

Most of these devices can be connected to the internet via your mobile. In addition, these devices can be connected to web apps whose backend processes data and displays the results.

What is an IoT Web app?

IoT App refers to the IoT device using the web app backend to collect data, analyze the results and display them.

The sensor that measures tire pressure is connected to a web app in autonomous vehicles. Web Application Development for IoT will be the future trend, and you must contact an IoT software development company for the same. 

When the tire pressure drops, the sensor will notify the web application. The web application will show the data or notify the user.

Integration of web development in IoT

We have now seen that IoT devices can be used with web applications. In addition, IoT devices can offer a better user interface when connected to web applications.

These are the main considerations when integrating Web Application Development For IoT with the help of website development companies in Canada:

Large Data Compilation

IoT devices gather real-time data and send it back to the backend. Therefore, the web application must be scalable. It must be capable of handling large amounts of data and handling and processing it.

Data from devices such as autonomous vehicles can be crucial in applications. Therefore, the web application must be resilient. However, the network capabilities cannot cause data loss.

In the event of a lost packet, we should be able to recover the data. But, again, these requirements should be met by the web application.

These requirements can increase the complexity of the website application. However, companies often require these fields.

The top web development company with knowledge of C++, NodeJS, and AngularJS are highly sought after for IoT-based web application development.

Dynamic User Interfaces

It is vital to create a dynamic UI because IoT devices collect real-time data. The heartbeat monitor system, for example, must display the user’s heartbeat every second. Therefore, the UI should also be capable of processing changes as often as possible.

You can create dynamic rendering pages with ReactJS or AngularJS. React supports virtual DOM, which renders only the affected UI components and keeps the rest of the UI unchanged. This allows you to update the user interface without reloading the entire page.

Security & Privacy

Security and privacy are the biggest concerns for any IoT-based system. Therefore, it is possible to say that 2/3 of all IoT research was done on security and privacy.

All data taken from devices is sent to the web application via the internet. Therefore, all data could be compromised if an attacker can do a man-in-the-middle attack or similar cryptographic attacks.

In 2014, the OPEN WEB APPLICATIONS SECURITY PROJECT was created to address this problem. It contains important guidelines about the communication protocol to connect IoT devices to the internet.

You must create authorization and authentication capabilities to protect your web application from attacks.

Encrypt data first, then send it from the IoT device. This will increase overhead, but it will also increase security.

Strong Backend Design

The backend must be strong for IoT devices to perform at their best. The backend must handle large data requests and respond in real-time. Imagine what even a one-second delay could have on autonomous cars.

IoT is all about seamless experiences. It is possible only if the backend is strong. The IoT device measures the number of goods in your inventory.

It will order the item automatically once an item in inventory empties. This is what one should expect from an IoT-enabled device.

IoT in Web Development

IoT Web Application Development by IoT companies Toronto has huge potential.

Let’s take a look at some facts that would show the importance of IoT for the future:

  • Cisco claims that only 0.6% of devices have internet access. This is a huge opportunity to expand in this field and connect all devices to create a smarter world.
  • According to McKinsey, we can expect at least $36 trillion in savings across various industries due to the IoT ecosystem’s productivity boost.


IoT is the next big thing and is rapidly gaining popularity. We have separated IoT from web development in this article.

We also discussed that although these areas are distinct, they are interconnected. Therefore, you should also consider Web Development for IoT when you think about IoT. We hope that you enjoyed this article. It will be a valuable resource for any IoT development company. You can get in touch!

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