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Taking a Paternity Test While Pregnant

by Steven Brown
Paternity testing

There are many reasons why a pregnant woman should take DNA testing. Many women would take the test so that they can know about their family history or the well-being of the fetus. Additionally, DNA testing while pregnant can also solve many issues, like health risks that a child may develop in the future. There are also some cases where a woman might have paternity testing reports to acquire inheritance, benefits, child custody, or support. For the best DNA testing services, there are many organizations that can help you.

Moreover, there are some prenatal DNA testing that is a little invasive as they require amniotic fluid, placement tissue, or amniotic fluid from inside of the womb. As a becoming mother, every woman is very protective of their and might be thinking about the negative effects of DNA testing on her baby.

IS DNA testing while pregnant a safe option?

We have talked to many experts, and they stated that DNA testing while pregnant is a safe and secure option. Pregnancy is one of those things that makes you very protective of your body. However, there are plenty of non-invasive methods that would not hurt you or your baby. Additionally, there are some invasive methods that can be harmful to your baby as they carry a risk of miscarriage and infection. These scenarios are rare. For the safety of the individual, the doctors will make sure that you are eligible for prenatal DNA testing. Similarly, they will monitor you so that you and your baby are safe.

Benefits of DNA testing while pregnant:

There are many benefits that are directly associated with DNA testing for pregnant women.

  • You can acquire evidence that will support your legal case.
  • With the help of paternity testing, you can identify the fatherhood of the child.
  • You can also know the genetic conditions that your child might have before birth.
  • You will also get to know the health risks that you might also be developing.
  • Afterward, you can also know the origins of your DNA.

Genetics helps you discover your origins and what was the point where your ancestry started. Many people believe that ancestry is important for raising their children. DNA testing services like paternity testing help to confirm the fatherhood or enhances the chances of getting child support in legal cases. On the other hand, prenatal DNA tests help to identify conditions that your child might develop with the passage of time. Additionally, they can even look for neural birth defects, down syndrome, and severe heart diseases.

Performing DNA testing while pregnant

There are three kinds of tests a woman can take while pregnant:

  • At-home DNA testing.
  • Prenatal genetic testing.
  • Prenatal paternity testing.

Prenatal paternity testing is the best way to confirm or rule out if there is a biological association between an unborn baby and the alleged father. The reports that are generated by these can be quite helpful in legal cases. These evaluations are usually performed in medical settings. There will be a health provider that will take samples and see if there is a genetic match and tell the results. Moreover, there are two kinds of prenatal paternity testing methods.

Invasive Prenatal paternity testing:

DNA samples are collected of the unborn baby that is still in the mother’s womb. Afterward, the child’s DNA is compared with the alleged father’s DNA. These methods can be performed in two ways.

Amniocentesis: the amniotic fluid is taken from the amniotic sac at 14 to 24 weeks.

Chorionic Villus Sampling: in this process, placental tissue is taken at 10 to 13 weeks.

These methods are performed with the help of ultrasound machines so that the risk of harming the baby can be minimized.

Non Invasive methods:

In this method, only the mother’s blood sample and the father’s DNA sample are taken. It is the safest option.

Moreover, if you want the best DNA testing, you should come to Choice DNA. We have some advanced hardware that generates authentic and reliable paternity testing reports while pregnant.

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