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The Process of Planning a Funeral

by Steven Brown
The Process of Planning a Funeral

Nobody wants to think about planning a funeral , but it is a necessary thing. Therefore, when you are faced with the sad task of having to plan a funeral, the entire process will be made easier if you had someone to help you rather than having to do it all by yourself.

Where to have it?

When it comes to funerals Melbourne has many funeral parlours that can you can select from. You can also decide on a funeral home based on the budget you have as this could also make it easier for you to narrow down your choices. Before you can decide on the other arrangements you first need to decide on the funeral home as then you can decide on the other arrangements.

Private or public

Deciding on whether the funeral is going to be one open to anyone and everyone who wants to attend or deciding on whether the funeral is going to be a private one is an important decision you have to make.

Making a decision like this can be tough as you will want to make sure that you do the right thing and fulfil the wishes of the deceased, especially if he or she wanted their funeral to be a certain way. Therefore, it is best not to take the decision lightly or to rush the choice. Instead, you should take time to think about what the best option is and having a discussion with your family will also be a good idea as their input may help you make a decision.

Open or close casket

Another decision you will have to make is whether the funeral is going to be an open or close casket. These decisions are not easy ones to make therefore ensuring that you have a good support system will be vital to helping you get through the difficult time.

The clothes

Deciding on what the deceased is going to wear while lying in the coffin is another hard choice that you will have to make. If the deceased had requested a certain outfit that he or she would like to be dressed in then you will not have to give it much thought however, if no such request has been made then it will be best for you to decide on what outfit should be put on the deceased.  To help make your choice a bit easier you can either choose the deceased favourite outfit or you can think of an outfit which had a special meaning to the deceased.

The obituary

If you find the task of writing an obituary for someone whom you loved too difficult, then you can consider asking a trusted individual to help you write it. You can even dictate what you want written and ask your friend or family member to put down your words on paper as this could help in making a difficult process a little easier.

In order to ensure that you have not left out anything important, it is best to ask someone who knew the deceased to read the obituary to ensure that the information is not only accurate but to also ensure that you have not left any piece of information out.

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