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The ultimate guide to Tech behind Vape pen batteries

by Steven Brown

So, recently you have decided on new vape mods, but you are wondering and confused about which batteries will encourage your gratification and pleasure? Well, more people are talking about vape pen batteries than ever before, and excitedly their popularity is on the rise.  

However, many cases show that these batteries are good, but there have been a few isolated incidents of vape kits at the lower end of the market overheating, and exploding which has some people worried. We have gathered a little knowledge on this topic, so keep reading with us, we’ll be looking at all things related to vape pen batteries

  1. What are the many vape battery types? 

 To function properly, vaping requires good and strong functioning batteries. But the fact is that all batteries are not made the same. The market is loaded with a wide variety of vape pen batteries. Some batteries are more adjustable than others, while some are built with particular kinds of cartridges. You can choose all kinds of vape pen batteries from here at the Yocan vaporizer store.

There are two main kinds of vape batteries. Let us look at them in depth. 

 1.1. Automatic vape batteries

You might be a new vaper and attempt automatic batteries as your first choice of e-cigarette. After interviewing some of the automatic vape battery users, we have found out that the performance of these batteries is much greater than the manual settings. 

How does an automatic vape battery work?  It automatically turns on and provides electricity for heating fluid when you suck an e-cig within your coil which eventually produces vapor!

 1.2. Manual vape batteries

As you see, the word “Manual” implies doing things with your hands. The same is the case in manual batteries, you have to press the device button for it to turn on and off and release vapor. You can operate manual vape batteries by pushing them at proper intervals while using your lungs wisely which will allow you to switch between different temperatures based on the type of hit sought. 

Still confused? Wondering which vape battery to choose? Ok! Don’t worry, let us make it easier for you. See the below-mentioned table for more clarity. 

 1.3. Which one to choose? 

Automatic batteriesManual batteries
Easy to operateHave more power and offers more vapor
More like a regular cigaretteProduces a better throat hit
Takes a shorter charging timeLonger life than automatic batteries due to larger size
A slight delay between puffing and inhaling the vaporAllow you control and usually a longer cut off period
 Can be turned on or off by pressing he button five times

2.            How to increase the lifespan of your vape batteries? 

  • Store your battery in a cool, dark place especially if storing for a long period. 
  • Don’t let the battery drain out fully.
  • Use your vape battery regularly. 
  • Don’t fully charge the battery ever. 
  • Don’t charge the battery too often. 
  • Keep the battery out of high temperature and direct sunlight contact. 
  • Use a case to protect your battery. 
  • Keep the battery off when not used. 
  • Clean battery terminals in a week. 

3.            Conclusion

We know there are a lot of options available in the market and you are confused to decide the best one for yourself. That’s why we have created this guide for you to easily distinguish between which vape pen batteries work best for you. We really hope that you have got the help you need and cleared your all confusion regarding vape batteries through this article.

Note: Please do not discard the old batteries randomly. It would be harmful to our environment. Properly discard them in the dustbin and sanitation workers will discard them properly. 

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