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Tips for Someone Looking to Get Creative in Their Animation Career

by Steven Brown
Tips for Someone Looking to Get Creative in Their Animation Career

Being an animation artist takes a lot of effort and commitment. If you are an animation artist, you might wonder how to elevate your skills to enhance your animation career further. Here, you will be introduced to some handy tips to excel in animation.

Equip Yourself with Various Skills

The animation industry requires you to have many skills to be competent.

Own Your Skills

It is essential to learn different skills. You cannot stay in your comfort zone by using the same tools. As time passes, try to polish your abilities by learning. Do not be scared of mistakes, as mistakes will teach you a valuable lesson.

Get Creative

After being equipped with the skills, you must get creative.

Understand The Art of Motion

Expose yourself to different circumstances where you can analyze the movement of people, animals, and plants. This will enlighten you with new ways to create your animations. You can also learn the motion of subjects through educational courses.

Learning from experts will help you find why posture is a particular way in a situation. Different situations bring about various poses in a living creature. When you understand the psychology behind such motions, it will be easier to form an animation that speaks for itself.

Practice Using a Mirror

Sometimes, you might experience writer’s block. This happens when you are out of ideas to portray an animation. You can repeat a person’s steps in animation to feel the way it will be in real life. This will help you realize what actions and facial expressions the person should have and how the pitch of their voice will vary.

Focus On the Base

A character’s rig needs to be made professionally, which will aid in lessening your work difficulty. This tip might seem cliché, but it is essential to strengthening your base.

Provide a Realistic Effect

The world of animation is contrary to the physical world, and what gives purpose to animation is the realistic effect it shows. How a character moves, eats, sits, and sleep should look realistic to be attractive enough.

Concentrate On the Time Frame

How your animation goes along with the time frame you set says a lot about your work. Ensure to coordinate your time and the scenes of the animation. A smooth set of events that make up a scene are applauded.

It would help if you focused on your animation’s slow and fast phases. This phenomenon makes your animation more realistic.

Pay Attention to Minute Details

It is harder to control the motion of your subject when it is fully formed. Try concealing the complex version of your character and then work on the movements and postures. It is easier to work with the skeletal animation of a character as you can control the body movements effortlessly.

Use The Principles of Animation

Use techniques like squash and stretch to give purpose to your animation. Also, the three periods of animation are important to work: the preparation phase, the movement phase, and the finishing phase. These three phases form an action done by an animated character. Utilize these tricks to form a more significant action sequence for your animation.

Make it Attractive

Your animations should be eye-catching to the public. Ensure symmetry and easy designs to build a complex creative version of your animation. Use creative automation tools to create variations in your animation. Do not be afraid to work uniquely.

Learn From Past Errors

Accepting faults and fixing them is one step towards creativity.

Be Attentive to Reviews

Sometimes, all you need is a suggestion to work better. Taking the advice of experts is a commendable idea. Try to see what points in your animation make it unexciting. It might be that your animation lacks humor or does not have on-point sound effects. The reason can be anything as long as you are willing to explore.


Try to implement these tricks gradually. Remember that every skill takes time to form. Experimenting with different scenarios would help you. Analyze your work and continue to find room for improvement. To be creative, try to think uniquely; success will automatically come to you.

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