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Toys for Different Age Levels of Kids. Bath toys for 5 year olds

by Steven Brown
bath toys for 5 year olds

Toys are beneficial because they allow children to do various motor activities and stimulate them to extract some time from their monotonous routine for productive activities. There are many types of toys, like RC toys for above 8 years, bath toys for 5 year olds etc., available in the market that is designed for different age levels of kids. 

Toys become helpful when suitable for kids according to their age and interests. Some toys are beneficial for children above five years old and can harm infants because cute babies are sensitive and do not know much about toys. So always select appropriate toys for your cutie pies. 

Age-Wise Division Of Toys: 

Early age is the age of rapid development, and children achieve many milestones. They learn to pick, hold, put and throw things. Children are like sponges and absorb what they see in their surroundings. It is essential to provide them with the appropriate environment and playing products so that they can learn and play and learn at the same time. Following are some toys for different age levels of kids, like flynova pro children:

Toys For 1-Year-Old:

Little kids are sensitive; they need safe toys to play with. Parents should wisely select the toys for little kids because toys play an essential role in the healthy nourishment of their kids. Stuffed toys, rattle toys etc., are suitable for little kids. There are different types and sizes of rattle toys available for kids. Babies shake them and enjoy the soothing music created by the shaking of these toys. 

Soft toys have different designs, like dolls, animals and action figures. These toys are attractive and also safe for kids. Babies habitually put everything in their mouths, so do not give them fancy, shimmery, and electronic toys because they might be dangerous. 

List Of Toys For Infants:

  • Baby dolls 
  • Textured multi-ball set 
  • Rattles 
  • Playmate 
  • Child toy box 
  • Happy hand bell baby 

Toys For Above 2 Years: 

Children become sensible at the age of two years and start understanding different things. As you know, early age is the concept-building age, and concepts of this time stay longer in the kids’ memory. So it is crucial to surround the kids with productive and creative toys like building blocks, drawing boards, colour boxes etc. these toys are very beneficial for kids as they start recognising different colours and shapes.

Children make different patterns and objects by stacking blocks or various colours. These activities improve their motor and cognitive skills and also enhance creativity levels. Building blocks are available in different bright colours that greatly appeal to the kids and make their mood fresh. 

List Of Toys For Toddlers:

  • Rainbow toddler toys 
  • Toddler toy box 
  • Cocomelon shark 
  • Cocomelon activity set 
  • Pink talking doll toy 
  • Cocomelon coddy doll 


Playtime is crucial for kids’ healthy development. It is also helpful to teach different concepts to the children with the help of toys. At early ages, kids do not take an interest in books and always wish to be surrounded by their beloved toys. For example, simple mini drones are suitable for boys toys 5 years old or above. 

They can learn basic science and technology concepts by spending time with these toys. These toys are also available in advance and have the latest functions for elders. So it is suggested that you buy creative, enjoyable, educational toys for kids to enjoy their playtime productively. You can purchase these toys from any toy shop; IBuyGreat is a trustable online toy store that provides good quality products at a pocket-friendly budget. 

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