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Travel insurance abroad: all the destinations for which it is better to insure yourself

by Steven Brown

Obtaining travel insurance abroad is advisable regardless of the destination. Every traveler can run into risks such as cancellation of departure, injury or loss of luggage, and the insurance policy is the tool that allows you to overcome any obstacle without difficulty, especially economic emergencies due to the unexpected outlay of money.

Health insurance for Travel abroad is not mandatory (the medical policy may be so in some cases), however, there are destinations for which insurance is recommended by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. We are talking about countries at risk because they are affected by the spread of endemic diseases, or oppressed by civil wars and other conflicts. Getting informed before leaving allows you to take the right precautions, and to protect your safety with an ad hoc policy .

What is travel insurance abroad?

Travel insurance abroad offers 24-hour assistance throughout the world , and protects the traveler with compensation in the event of typical and frequent risks such as cancellation of departure, accident or illness during travel, loss or the theft of luggage and other valuables (electronic devices, jewelery and others).

As mentioned, there are destinations where it is better to insure yourself , and the tool for doing so is travel insurance abroad, which with different types of cover guarantees a peaceful stay away from any unforeseen events. Travel insurance abroad is a flexible and customizable product.

In addition to the classic coverage (cancellation, baggage and medical) they can provide services that support the traveler in dealing with any inconvenience (translation of medical records abroad, consultation with an Italian doctor, travel of a family member, extension of stay, cash advance in case of theft to deal with basic necessities and other expenses). To find a tailor-made policy, just request an online, no-obligation quote.

What does travel insurance cover abroad?

In countries affected by criminal phenomena, the theft and lost baggage policy, which can be extended to other values ​​(smartphones, video cameras, precious objects), offers prompt compensation within the limits of the ceiling, often high to offer the customer a satisfactory refund.

The medical coverage provided by the majority of travel insurance abroad supports pharmaceutical, welfare and hospital expenses in States where healthcare has lower standards than European ones, or where medical costs are very expensive (in the United States, for example ). The same policy, which protects against the risk of illness as well as accidents, intervenes in the event of accidents deriving from terrorist acts or guerrilla warfare.

The Farnesina’s advice is to avoid traveling to countries at risk, or if possible to postpone departure. If the trip cannot be canceled for work or personal reasons, the Ministry nonetheless recommends obtaining travel insurance abroad to cover medical expenses and any repatriation.

Which countries are at risk

A specific State can be considered at risk for the occurrence of crimes, wars, or for the spread of endemic diseases. On 11 January 2017, the Farnesina warned of the presence of acts of terrorist origin in Senegal , and recommended keeping the attention threshold high throughout the country.

Unnecessary travel to Papua New Guinea is advised against , where a high crime rate persists due to the inefficiency of the local security forces. Even departures to Mexico and most African countries are not recommended due to the presence of guerrillas and criminal phenomena. Anyone traveling to one of these countries (or to others indicated by the Farnesina) must take out insurance to protect themselves from frequent risks such as armed robberies, kidnappings, car thefts and personal belongings.

As for the risk of illness, and the presence of precarious health situations in some countries, the following should be noted. In most of Africa and in some countries of South America hospital services are lacking, and considered insufficient according to International SOS and Control Risk, while in Russia and in almost all Asian countries the risk of diseases is considered very high.

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