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Young Hollywood Stars Under 20

by Steven Brown
Hollywood Stars

Here we mentioned some young actors and actresses who have the possibility to be the next big Hollywood stars. This list includes the best teenage stars 20. They have already been recognized for their work in television and film. 

Celebrities are the most well-known, preferred, and loved people in every country. We love anything and everything about them. Sometimes their fabulous lifestyles stroll our senses about fantastic options we would have collected if we had also belonged to them.

Rising up in a family of famous celebrities pretty much guarantees fame even without doing any hard work. Read the list given below. There are most famous celebrity kids who are all grown up and made the spotlight forever.

1.  Noah Schnapp:

Noah Schnapp is the actor in the famous series Stranger Things. He is an American actor. He came into the spotlight after he started displaying the lead personality named Will Bryers, in the Netflix horror series Stranger Things. Noah Schnapp made his big screen debut in the film Bridge of Spies in 2015.

2.  Bodhi Ransom Green:

Being the son of the actor Brian Austine Green and actress Megan Fox, bodhi ransom green came into the spotlight in the Hollywood industry. He is a beloved child. He looks like his mother and observes the same belief as his mother. Bodhi Ransom shares his name with Bodhi Rain and Teresa Palmer, and that’s another reason for his fame. He belongs to the white nationality.

3.  Kristina Pimenova:

Kristina is just eleven years old and has already taken the spotlight in the Hollywood industry. Her career tasted success at a very young age. Her mom maintains track of her social life to ensure that she doesn’t skip out on the pleasures of childhood. Kristina is the most beautiful and fashionable girl in the 21st decade.

4.  Jacob Tremblay:

Jacob is a good Canadian actor who is famous for his film Room in 2915. In 2016, he earned a nomination from Screen Actors Guild for his performance. This child actor even gained vital concentration for his wonderful performance. Through his performance, he won the hearts of popular mega stars and some show hosts.  

5.  Willow Shields:

Willow Shields is a popular American actress who is well-known for her performance in the movie series Hunger Games. In the Hunger Games, she played the character of Primrose Everdeen and that’s why she is identified most notably. She conveys a specific relationship with her fan base to try to encourage them to be favorable role models in their societies.

6.  Johan Riley Fyodor Taiwo Samuel:

The thirteen-year-old boy johan riley fyodor taiwo samuel became a famous person for being a member of a celebrity family. The famous singer and songwriter Seal is his father. His mother Heide Kulm is a good businesswoman. Heide Kulm also has a good tv character as she is a successful actress, model, and singer. Johan is the third child of his mother Heide Kulm.

7.  Aubrey Anderson-Emmons:

Anderson-Emmons is an American child actress. Her personality has become famous after playing the role of Lily Tucher-Pritchett in Modern Family, a family situation-comedy. To pursue her passion, she is always inspired by her mother. Anderson-Emmons acted at a very young age and made her impression on popular reality shows. She melted the hearts of the audience with her cuteness. 

8.  Elliana Walmsley:

Elliana Walmsley began her dancing career at the age of 18. Miss Kelly Smith is her inspirational dance trainer. She performed in the song Sing For You and won the Mini Solo Award. Her mother Yolanda Walmsley defines her character as humble and sensitive. Elliana Walmsley is a bright student.


After reading this article, hope you understand how celebrity kids have achieved fame so far. We mentioned some of the famous celebrity kids who are going to be the destiny in tomorrow of their esteemed industry.

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