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6 Reasons Your Car Accident Claim was Denied by Your Insurance

by Steven Brown

Having an auto insurance policy is important because it protects the driver, passengers, and the vehicle in the event of an accident. Your insurance or the insurance of the faulting party should compensate you for losses (bodily injuries and/or property damage) following an accident

Insurance companies typically work with the traffic police to investigate the accident before compensating the claimant. It’s always advisable to hire a lawyer for car accident injuries when filing a claim with an insurance claim. An accident attorney can detect the loopholes used by insurance companies to reduce the value of a claim or deny it altogether.

How Insurance Companies Work

Insurance companies consider many factors when determining whether you should be compensated. Common factors of consideration can include:

·         Whether the driver was qualified to operate a motorized vehicle;

·          Whether the driver was mentally sound at the time of the accident;

·         Whether the vehicle was overloaded at the time of the accident;

·          Did the driver have a valid license?

·         Was the driver intoxicated, and more

There are instances when an insurance company will decline to settle your claim. The following are some of the reasons why an insurance company may decline to settle your car accident claim.

1. Prior Damages

The truth is that you will not be compensated if the insurance company discovers that your car had pre-existing damages before the accident or you did not disclose any damages on your car when buying the auto insurance policy.

2. Outdated Premiums

Your premiums must always be up to date if you expect to be compensated by an insurance company after a car crash. Insurance laws state that”an accident claim will be rejected if the policyholder has defaulted premiums”. In other words, failing to pay premiums potentially terminates the auto insurance policy.

3. Failure to Record a Complaint with the Insurance Company

After reporting your accident to the police, it’s time to record a complaint with the insurance company. No insurance company will compensate you if investigations you fail to report an accident–they will claim that you didn’t suffer any injury. It is also advisable to seek medical attention after an accident so that you can obtain evidence that indeed you were injured.

4. Was the Accident Avoidable?

If the accident was avoidable, you’ll have a hard time proving why you should be compensated. For instance, you won’t be compensated if the investigation concludes that you were driving while drunk or if you were on your phone at the time of the accident.

5. Unlicensed Drivers

Most people, especially teenagers, borrow cars even if they’re not qualified to drive. That said, you should always ensure that any person who borrows your car is qualified to drive. A qualified driver must have a driver’s license and be above a certain age, which can vary by state

6. Policy Cancellation

This occurs rarely. However, you’ll not be compensated if the insurance company happens to cancel your insurance policy. Policy cancellation occurs if an insurance company discovers that the policyholder misrepresented critical facts. Your auto insurance policy can also be canceled because if they consider you to be a high-risk client. The following are the characteristic of a high-risk insurance client:

·         Reckless driving;

·         Parking your car at an insecure location;

·         Drunk driving;

·         Being a habitual traffic offender, and more.

Some rogue insurance companies will cite false allegations just to deny you compensation and that’s why it is advisable to buy auto insurance policies from reputable insurance firms and strictly obey the terms of the insurance contract.

Recoverable Damages in a Car Accident Claim

You’ll get a settlement check from the insurance company if you qualify for compensation. The recoverable amount will depend on the severity of your loss–bodily injuries and damage to your vehicle. The following are the recoverable damages in a car accident injury claim:

1. Damages for Medical Expenses

You need medical attention after the accident as soon as possible, even if you think you’ve not been hurt. Some injuries do not manifest immediately after the accident and you may also start feeling pain after you’ve calmed down and adrenaline has worn off.

2. Compensation for Vehicle Damage

Your car will likely be damaged, especially in a high-impact accident. The cost of the damage to your vehicle should be included in your claim; this can include towing charges and repair costs.

3. Missed Wages

You forgo your wage every day you miss work thanks to the accident and the injuries sustained. The good thing is that you can recover damages for missed wages or damages for lost opportunity to earn.

4. Pain and Suffering Damages

Pain and suffering damages are not easy to calculate because the nature of these injuries is subjective. Compensation for pain and suffering is determined by two factors:

·         The severity of injuries, and

·         The impact of the accident on the life of the claimant. 

Your accident claim may be declined for violating the terms of your insurance contract or for the reasons discussed in this article. However, you should contact a car accident lawyer if you believe that your claim deserves the attention of a lawyer.

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