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​How To Check Your Bank Account Balance Through the Online Mode?

by Roseruck Roseruck

In the present day’s era, digital advancement has made financial operations and banking very handy and simple. With emerging technology, financial institutions have initiated various ways to check out your bank account balance. You can simply check your account balance using your computer or phone without the requirement for visiting your bank. Here in this article discussed is a guide on distinct ways to check out your ICICI bank account balance. 

How to check your bank account balance?

To check the balance of your bank account, you must keep in mind the below-listed points. 

∙​   ​ First, your phone number must be registered with the financial institution. 

∙       The phone number must be active to send as well as receive calls and SMS.

∙       Having a phone is preferable. The reason here is, with an active net connection, you can simply use distinct apps like UPI apps or banking apps. 

∙       You must even have your debit card or ATM card activated with your account. 

∙       Also, your net banking account must be activated by your financial institution. 

By keeping the above things in mind, you can simply check out your account balance anytime from anywhere. The distinct ways to check out your account balance are – 

How can you check your account balance through SMS?

One of the simplest ways to check out your account balance is by sending a text message. You do not require logging into a website, nor do you require a smartphone for the same. Most banks offer the SMS facility to every account holder. So, you just need to remember the UCO bank balance check number or ICCI bank balance check number to know your balance. Once your financial institution extends this option to you, the only thing you must do is request a quick balance update. The account balance info is received by you in form of text SMS. The automatic text alert must be on. After you request, you will get an instant notification whenever you conduct a financial transaction using your bank account. Also, you will get your latest balance update. This option offered by the bank is called an SMS alert service, which is received by you in the form of a push notification. 

How can you check your account balance through a passbook?

Generally, banks offer passbooks to each one of you on opening a bank account. The passbook consists of info regarding all your account transactions. To check your account balance, you simply require opening your passbook. Here, you can view a list of all your credit and debit transactions. Hence, it is important for you to keep your passbook updated all the time. However, for updating your passbook, you must approach your bank every time. But, you can also use  ICICI bank balance check number to check your account balance.

How can you check your bank balance through an ATM card?

Also, you can check out your account balance via ATM. Here, you get an updated account balance. You can get this detail by approaching your nearby ATM. Once you visit the nearby ATM, you must insert your debit card and ensure to follow specific on-screen instructions. It is suggested to use your bank’s ATM instead of using another bank’s ATM. Generally, the other ATMs tend to levy a charge even if you do not use it to withdraw cash. Also, your bank might levy an additional charge if you make use of a foreign ATM. Listed here are the steps to check your balance at an ATM – 

∙       Swipe the ATM debit card

∙       Input the four-digit ATM pin

∙       Choose the option “balance enquiry”

∙       End the transaction

Presently, the RBI has put a limit on free transactions through ATM cards. Note that, a balance enquiry also is addressed as a transaction. Once you finish off all your free transactions, you must pay a transaction fee for every transaction incurred in that month. 

Thus, it is recommended to use debit cards for the withdrawal of cash or other services only. You may use mobile or distinct online modes to check your bank account balance, which may be cost-effective and convenient. 

How can you check your account balance online through net banking?

You can even check your account balance via the net banking option. To use this option, you must log in to the bank’s official site. In simple terms, you must approach the financial institution’s official site and access your bank account details. If you are approaching the bank account for the very first time, you must ensure to register yourself by simply clicking on the link i.e., “first time user” or “register”. Post this, you may use the log-in option to evaluate your bank account. With the net banking option, you can easily check the account balance through the online route anytime. Moreover, it allows you to conduct various banking services, functions, and transactional facilities. 

How can you check out your account balance through the UPI apps?

This is one of the easiest ways of checking out your account balance. You must download the UPI application via the play store or app store. Once you have downloaded the app, begin with the registration procedure. Input your mobile number linked with your bank to generate an OTP. After you get an OTP, log into your app, and include your account details. Generally, UPI automatically finds out the account is connected to your phone number. Here, it will show the last 4 digits of your bank account number. Post confirmation, it will display a new UPI ID. After authentication, it will activate a UPI code of your choice. 

From here onwards, you can use your UPI application to check out your account balance in your bank. Also, you can use this application to conduct all your financial transactions. 

How can you check out your bank balance using mobile banking mode?

Devices like tablets, smartphones, etc., make it simple to check your bank accounts from anywhere at any time. In the current digital generation, financial institutions offer sites and apps and various other ways to check out your bank account balance. There are also distinct banking functions that you can opt for on your mobile banking application. For instance, a few banks permit you to deposit cheques using your mobile phone. Thus, mobile banking allows you to do a lot more than you would have done using your desktop. 

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