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What to Look for in a Best CRM for Small Business?

by Steven Brown

If you’re considering purchasing a CRM for your small business, you need to look at several features. CRMs for small businesses should include dashboards, which are typically standard features.

Make sure you can customize the dashboards so that you can easily monitor metrics. You should also be able to check metrics quickly, especially those that affect your business’s bottom line.


Pipedrive CRM for small businesses offers flexibility and insights into your business. The customizable sales pipeline lets you track deals, activities, and contacts. And the CRM lets you easily sync your entire to-do list to your Google calendar.

A disorganized lead flow can cost you a fortune. With Pipedrive, you can organize your deals with diligence and assign tasks to team members.

The basic plan offers tools for managing contacts, deals, and organizations, as well as custom fields and reports. It also lets you import data from other CRM systems and spreadsheets. And you can even customize fields and automate tasks. Other features of the basic plan include deal rotting and automatic email link-building. Pipedrive also includes a training academy and an online knowledge base.

Sales Mate

Whether you need an affordable CRM for a small team or want to use a comprehensive system, Sales mate is a great choice. Unlike many other CRM systems, this one is designed with small businesses in mind, including sales teams. In addition to sales automation, it offers advanced email marketing, sales reporting, and streamlined communication.

Its features are geared toward nurturing your customer relationships and enhancing sales efficiency. Sales mate features sales automation and conditional workflows, email tracking, and a built-in phone feature for seamless communication with your customers. The CRM also offers support, customer support, guides and tutorials, and API and multi-user capability. It is easy to use and has a large user base.

Fresh sales

When comparing Fresh sales CRM with other small business CRM software, Fresh sales is a top choice. The software allows you to customize settings to fit your exact needs. The sales pipeline feature allows you to visualize your entire sales cycle, from lead to customer. You can also add any number of deal stages to track progress.

In addition to capturing leads, Fresh sales also lets you segment contacts and send targeted emails to them. In addition to that, you can set up follow-up tasks and sales sequences. Integrations are important for growing businesses, and Fresh sales has them. Fresh sales CRM for small business is available on both desktop and mobile.


If you’re trying to figure out which CRM is best for your small business, consider Salesflare. Designed for the B2B industry, this CRM software helps you track and manage all of your contacts and leads in one place. It automatically imports data and tracks your interactions with every contact you have. You can see which leads and deals are in progress, and you can also keep track of forgotten customers.

Another feature that makes this CRM stand out is its ease of use. Once you’ve installed it, Salesflare is up and running in a matter of days. You can even go live with it in three days, as opposed to two months for some of its competitors.

Additionally, this CRM allows you to share information between team members, thanks to its permissions system. Salesflare’s intuitive user interface makes it easy to use for teams of all sizes.


If you’re looking for a CRM for your small business, look no further than Streak. Integrated with Gmail, this CRM provides all of the core CRM features you need. Track leads, deals, and projects without ever leaving Gmail. It even offers email power tools like tracking open rates and sending bulk emails. Its customizable pipelines and sales reports help you keep track of everything from leads to sales.

While many other small business CRM systems have complex features and expensive subscriptions, Streak is a simple yet effective tool for smaller businesses. It’s free for single users and you can upgrade to its professional or enterprise versions for a small annual fee.

The free version has limited functionality, but the paid versions include email tracking, mail merge, and unlimited pipelines. Plus, you can use Streak to manage email campaigns and contact leads, as well as manage your sales pipeline.

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