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Start and Scale Your Cloud Kitchen in Dubai

by Steven Brown
Start and Scale Your Cloud Kitchen in Dubai

Cloud Kitchen Dubai, more commonly known as virtual restaurants, is a growing concept in the food and beverage world. It means a restaurant without a dining area. This concept was introduced in 2016 and, because of the Covid restrictions, quickly gained popularity during the pandemic. Now, it is seen as an economical solution to your dream restaurant.

Many people have started a cloud kitchen in Dubai because of the low risk and low investment factor. All you need is a cloud kitchen equipped with operational tools and softwares, as being tech-savvy is as important as good food. If you are thinking of starting a dark kitchen UAE business, you have clicked on the right page. We will briefly introduce how to open up a cloud kitchen Dubai.

Start Your Cloud Kitchen Dubai

It is relatively easy to start a dark kitchen Dubai. You just have to follow a few predefined steps. Here is what you have to do:

  1. Find a location. Ghost kitchen Dubai doesn’t require a premium site; it can be set up anywhere, from an industrial site to a parking lot.
  2. Get the license. You can’t start any business without a proper license in the UAE. For a cloud kitchen setup, you need a Trade License and a Food License. You can get a food license from Dubai Municipality. Getting the necessary licenses and permits can save you a lot of legal hassle.
  3. Get your business registered with the Department of Economic Development (DED).
  4. Get your business insured; it is very important to save yourself from liability claims later.
  5. A corporate bank account will help you keep track of your business finances. This will also help you in preparing your taxes.

The steps mentioned above are the mandatory steps you must follow to build a business in Dubai. Once all of the above is done, you are all set to scale up your business.

Start and Scale Your Cloud Kitchen in Dubai

Scaling Your Cloud Kitchen In Dubai

Starting and scaling your business go hand-in-hand. Of course, the first step towards starting a business is to decide what you want to do! This is the most important step because it involves much analysis and processing. You need to decide what business you want to set up, your passion for it, and whether you can start it up. Once decided, you need to get permission from the relevant authorities and then scale the business. The below steps will help you scale up your cloud kitchen Dubai.

  1. Develop a business map. Decide how big you want your start-up to be. Then decide upon the area required for your cloud kitchen.
  2. Decide how many facilities you need to give in your ghost kitchen Dubai and start building upon that.
  3. Perfect your kitchen on the pre-decided limits. The technology is so advanced that it is easy to keep building on more and more, but that would take you beyond your budget.
  4. Equip your kitchen professionally. You need to get the utensils and the operating systems. Cloud kitchen is based on technology; hence, they must be appropriately equipped. You need to get the right cloud kitchen management system that incorporates the maximum modules of cloud kitchen software.
  5. Build your brand. Establish proper marketing strategies for introducing your brand to the target audience.


When starting your business, it is extremely important to launch it correctly, and it involves a lot of analyses and risk management. Still, if you go about it strategically, it will not prove to be a problem.

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