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Top Reasons Why You Should Always Hire A Licensed Surveyor

by Steven Brown
Licensed Surveyor

If you plan to build a new home or other structure, your chosen surveyor must have experience with your property type. A licensed surveyor can help determine if neighbours encroach on your property lines. Read on to know more in detail about the importance of hiring licensed surveyors to have an overall better understanding!

Qualifications and Insurance

A licensed surveyor is a professional trained to carry out surveys. He or she will have the right qualifications, experience and insurance to protect you from liability or damages arising from your work.

Having someone qualified in this field will help you avoid making mistakes when choosing an architect or contractor for your project. This can save time and money and reduce stress levels during construction efforts.

Expedite the Process

If you’re looking at hiring someone from afar, this could mean months of waiting until they arrive on site; however, if they’re local, there’s no need for long-distance communication either, as everything will happen locally instead (which also saves money).

They Can Prepare Boundary Reports

A boundary report is a legal document that includes the surveyor’s opinion on where two properties meet. This can be extremely helpful when deciding how much land you need to purchase or sell, as a licensed surveyor will help keep your property from being split into multiple pieces.

A boundary report differs from a survey in that it doesn’t measure the distance between two points; rather, it documents properties’ locations on maps and notes any changes made since last recorded in official documents like deeds or mortgages. The information contained within these reports can also be used by other parties involved in the transaction (such as lawyers), so they know exactly where everything stands legally—and thus avoid any potential issues later down the line!

Knowledge of Law

The third reason to always hire a licensed surveyor is that they know the law. A licensed surveyor can help you avoid problems by ensuring that all of your property lines are clear and in good order and providing any necessary legal advice on how best to handle any issues arising from these boundaries.

Licensed Surveyor

Licensed Surveyor

Another benefit of having a licensed surveyor on your side is their ability to negotiate with other parties when it comes time for filing paperwork with the County Clerk’s Office (or whatever jurisdiction). If there are any questions about what needs to be done regarding title transfers or building permits, then this person will be able to answer them quickly and professionally – which means less time spent dealing with bureaucratic red tape later down the road!

Provide Consistent Results

A trained surveyor can produce accurate results because they have been trained to do so. You don’t want your contractors or building owners to be unable to make decisions without having all the information they need. This can lead to delays in construction, which can cost you money and time that could have been saved by using a licensed surveyor.

Licensed surveyors will also use state-of-the-art technology on their jobs, including GPS and laser scanning equipment, which helps them produce high-quality photos and 3D models of buildings and detailed maps of land parcels. These tools allow them to communicate more effectively with clients and help them create accurate renderings of houses or commercial spaces before construction begins. Hence, there are no surprises during this process!

Accurate Surveys

In the world of surveying, accuracy is paramount. This is why you would want to hire a licensed surveyor who can be as accurate as possible so that they can accurately determine property lines and boundaries, etc., without any issues. A licensed professional will be trained to take measurements and use instruments effectively to make their work accurate and useful for you.


So, there you have it: why you should always hire a licensed surveyor. You’ll find that many of these points are common to any type of professional service provider, but some are specific to surveying work. Regardless, we hope this helps you make an informed decision about who will do your next property survey!

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