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Understanding Phishing Attacks in Depth

by Steven Brown

Different types of phishing scams have become one of the most widespread and dangerous types of Internet crime. Phishing attacks have become increasingly serious and spread more rapidly because of how easy they are to launch via the globally connected networks.

Phishers employ many tactics in an attempt to criminally and fraudulently acquire sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords and credit card details, by masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.

Today most phishing attacks target the employees who would be unaware of such fraudulent mails and other faulty online activities without being careful. The main agenda of these tricky attacks is to fish out private and critical information of a user. The third party intruder then makes use of these details to get to the user account and hack the same that leads to loss and other difficulties.


Compromise of sensitive information can not only lead to loss of brand reputation, it may also lead to significant financial damage to your company. Online system vulnerabilities only exacerbate this situation, making it difficult for users to battle against such attacks. Your business has a lot at stake if it succumbs to these phishing tactics.

It’s also a challenge to ensure high security especially when your business is expected to maintain an open and transparent relationship within the network which is expanding continuously.

It’s become very important to make use of anti Phishing software that ensures adherence of best practices for protection against Phishing to the increase awareness about the topic.

The anti Phishing software is an intelligent tool that deploys automated processes and provides customized solutions after a meticulous assessment of the factors that affect your business operations.

The software facilitates calculation of Phishing risks.

These tools also conduct a mock Phishing attack on the employees and deploy automated processes to track and record their responses for a critical analysis. It demonstrates high flexibility with prompt reporting services and integrates into the business framework consisting of critical key performance indicators.

Maximizes employee awareness and knowledge to help guard sensitive information with innovative Phishing protections that can detect risks for certain segments and protect the overall business.

Invest in an advanced anti Phishing tool that can offer a secured work precinct in a cost-effective manner.

Phishing is all about robbing customer’s personal identity information and other financial details. Social engineering’s ploys make use of duplicate mails claiming to be from authentic business sources. These direct customers to fraudulent websites and then compel them to part with their private details. Technical-subterfuge schemes plant crime-ware on personal computers to take away credentials directly.

Losses owing to Phishing Attacks

Phishing attacks are a major threat to data security for companies. At the same time, the data theft leads to revenue losses, brand erosion and loss of brand value. People tend to loose their confidence on such companies. At the same time, there has been an increase in the types of attacks. Today, social engineers have come up with complicated and sophisticated phishing attacks that can trick a novice easily. They come in the form of persuasive mails and prize winning notifications and takes away crucial data in a thrifty manner.

However, data security and brand erosion is not the only loss that organization’s face during phishing.

There are times when a phishing program can corrupt the entire computing system or device making an employee unable to work. Furthermore, if the computers are connected to each other then a set of employees are unable to work until there is any remediation to this effect. As a result it reduces the level of productivity as well.

The generic anti-phishing programs only serve to address the problem superficially. The securities provided assess the attack superficially and is unable to treat the complex attack programs. Therefore, organizations need to invest in innovative phishing protection solution for greater security.

Industry Solutions for Phishing Attacks

Keeping in mind all the above mentioned facts top notch service providers have come up with advanced anti-phishing software. This software is available to consumers in the form of automated equipment that is installed internally in a company. The process, people and technology data is fed in it from before. The software keeps a track of the user response.

Furthermore, anti-phishing solution offers statistics on consumer behavior evaluates the percentage of security awareness amongst the workers and detects any data leakage. Finally, it analyzes Data Loss Prevention programs and examines the incident response program.

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