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Why most lipstick boxes fail to gain attention in the market

by Steven Brown

Different types of cosmetic products are used by various people on a number of occasions to enhance their beauty and to impress the crowd. Lipsticks are one of the most popular products in this industry. These beauty items are applied on lips by users to shade them in various colors and also to give them a shiny or luster appearance. These items are typically packed in plastic or glass sticks, but they are vulnerable to damage during storage, transportation from one place to the other, and also during their general application. That is why they are further protective of using lipstick boxes. These containers are available in numerous sizes and shapes and can also be customized to create pleasing effects for the observers.

Why Companies Fail:

Due to the increasing demand for cosmetic products, a large number of brands or organizations have indulged themselves in the business in order to earn a handsome amount of revenue. But it has been observed that most of the new brands fail and shut their business down. The major reason is that their lipstick packaging is not up to the mark, and thus, they fail to capture the attention of the observers in the market. There are a number of aspects due to which this downfall occurs. Some of them are described below.

Insecure Packaging:

Cosmetics are such items that are regularly utilized by users on almost a daily basis. These products are applied on regular days as well as on special occasions to create a positive impression in the mind of the observers. These items are also frequently presented as gifts on special occasions to beloved persons as an expression of love and care. In either case, if they are not protected by using proper makeup boxes, then the buyers will feel extremely insecure and resist in even going near the items. On the other hand, if cardboard lipstick packaging is employed for the task, then the safety and security of makeup products will be guaranteed because of the unmatchable strength of cardboard. But when retailers do give due attention to this aspect, then buyers cannot be fascinated.

Less Focus on Aesthetic Effects:

It is rightly said that people believe what they see. This theory applies in the case of cosmetics, as well. It does not matter how excellent the products are; if they are not presented in creative and lovely display lipstick boxes, then they will fail to derive the attention of observers. There are infinite options of customization provided by numerous manufacturing firms due to which aesthetic effects of items reach the next level. For example, single lipstick boxes can be modified in the form of flip-top covers that are easy to be opened and closed and are also protective in nature. Similarly, a window can also be added to them to enhance their display worth. But companies usually do not pay attention to enhancing the aesthetic effects of lip paint boxes, and thus, they fail to get attention in the market.

Remain Dull in Colors:

Color is complete psychology, and if proper colors are not applied on the encasements, it will not be possible to form luxury lipstick box packaging. If the colors are energetic and vibrant, then it would create appealing effects for the observers. But if the producers of cosmetics do not consider this point in mind, then the target audience will be highly disappointed, and they will restrict themselves from dealing with such companies in the future as well.

Non-Descriptive Covers:

People are usually interested in knowing the details of the items they are going to buy and use. This is especially the case with cosmetic products because they are typically prepared by mixing certain chemicals in a specific proportion. The users want to make sure that there is no such constituent included in the products that are or might be allergic to them. Other than that, the price of items and their expiry dates are also curious for the buyers. All these details can easily be printed on royal lipstick boxes. But the retailers employ non-descriptive covers to save some money, but it causes long-term loss and destroys their reputation in the market.

Undermine the Brand’s Name:

The name of the brand manufacturing the products is of great significance for the buyers, and they intend to see it prior to observing the quality of the products. Most people in this era are brand conscious, and they love it when the name of the company is written on lipstick boxes. This might also prove to be an extremely effective marketing tool because lipstick wholesale is required by brands to meet the demand of the customers, and when such a large number of encasements exhibit the name of the company, it becomes popular among the masses quickly. But it has been observed that some of the organizations do not write their names explicitly due to which suspicions rise, and items fail to get the attention of the audience.

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