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Money-Saving Benefits of Pole Buildings in Kansas

by Steven Brown
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Property owners across the country have been embracing pole buildings at increasing rates over the past few years, and Kansans are no exception. This trend comes as no surprise to those who work in the construction industry. There has been a large demand for new construction, which, coupled with labor shortages and rising material costs, has priced a lot of people out of the market for traditional, stick-framed structures.

Pole buildings provide a perfect solution. Find out about the benefits of these unique structures below to discover why.

Lower Site Preparation Requirements

Site preparation for traditional stick-framed structures can account for a surprisingly large amount of their construction costs. In many cases, it requires not just taking down trees and creating a level space on which to place a full foundation but also significant site improvements to account for soil quality and drainage concerns.

Pole buildings don’t need full foundations. Because the poles support 100% of the structure’s weight, they can transfer it directly to the ground via a much less expensive and demanding pier foundation. This construction methodology makes it possible to avoid significant land preparation expenses.

Faster Construction Times

Pole buildings go up faster than traditional stick-framed structures in large part because they require fewer components. Instead of a huge network of interlaced two-by-fours making up load-bearing walls, the basic frame of a pole building features only poles, trusses, roofing, and wall cladding. Faster construction times mean lower labor costs.

Of course, most applications also require the addition of doors, windows, and often insulation, lighting, and other amenities, but those are usually easier to install as well thanks to the large spans between poles. The speed at which the building can be finished will vary depending on its intended use. If it will be used as an unfinished garage, for example, that will require next to no additional specialized labor, but pole buildings intended for use as homes are a different story.

Ease of Constructing Later Additions

It’s difficult and expensive to construct an addition onto a stick-framed home primarily because of the foundation and stud walls. Since post-framed buildings don’t have load-bearing walls or traditional foundations, those problems are all but eliminated.

The fact that pole buildings can be constructed more or less in sections makes them an appealing option for residential homes. Property owners who want to build an affordable house now but plan on expanding their families, starting home businesses, or taking on other activities that require extra space can plan on having the main structure built now and adding on to it later.

Work With Skilled Professionals

Kansas Pole Buildings may go up faster than stick-framed structures and require fewer components, but they still need to be installed by specialized builders. When choosing a pole building contractor, be sure to ask about relevant experience.

Some builders specialize in post-frame construction, while others offer it more or less as an add-on service intended primarily for garages and other outbuildings. It’s always better to work with a specialist, even if that means devoting slightly more of the budget to labor.

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